Jack Hammond

Business Development

John J. (Jack) Hammond III grew up in Ohio and received a BA in Business (Management).  Jack is a Vietnam era veteran and the father of six children.  While in the US Army, he served as an Intel Analyst and Linguist (German).  He has over 30 years experience in Retail, Banking and the Insurance sector.  He currently is a licensed Health and Life insurance specialist.

Over the years he has worked with many non-profits to help assist in community
planning and support for those in need.  He genuinely enjoys "helping out", especially
with  Veteran's and Seniors.  In his free time, Jack enjoys spending time with his six
children, their families and their numerous pets.  In addition, he enjoys fishing,
bridge and chess.
Consulting Expertise Includes:
Phone 719-888-9377
Mobile Phone 719-432-9012